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The 'Internet Radio' plays internet radio stations. There are over 5.000 radio stations the edited monthly editorial. If you can not find your favorite radio station, write to Pocketkai, it will try to add channels. Features: - Hand-picked, working stations - Over 5000 international radio stations - Create Favorites - Volume control - Mute Button - Play-/Pause Button - Search Function - Filter: A-Z - Run iTunes with the Radio URL > e.g. for Airplay - 4 designs and colors to choose from - Mute on / off (= F10) stops or starts the stream - Weather (enter city in settings) - New Home button New: - Statusmenu: Play, Stop, Volume... - Station logos - Volume Slider - better function for surrender to iTunes - Start up settable - load the last station at start New:  - Share button (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr ...)  - For Startup: Testing the Internet Connection  - Changing stations: Stop improved  - Map bigger  - Volume control corresponds to system volume  - EMail dialogue improved, now with screenshot  - Invisible by clicking outside of the window, not in the Dock System requirements: - Internet connection, preferably via LAN, WLAN. Via 3G, but it is also possible * - * Via 3G, you notice that you have a flat rate If the app shows a blank screen, Third, check the firewall or an antivirus / security program and allow incoming Internet connections.