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* * * * * WAGmob: An app platform for learning, teaching and training is offering 50% DISCOUNT for a limited time only.Download today!!! * * * * * WAGmob brings you simpleNeasy, on-the-go learning app for "Introduction to ENT and Orthopedics". You have limited access to the content provided. In this mode you can access 2 tutorials, 1 quiz, and 1 set of flashcards. For full access to the content, please purchase this application. You can purchase "ENT and Orthopedics" application from within this app just for $0.99 each. The app provides: 1. Snack sized chapters for easy learning. 2. Bite sized flashcards to memorize key concepts. 3. Simple and easy quizzes for self-assessment. Designed for both students and adults. This app provides a quick summary of ENT and Orthopedics by following snack sized chapters: (Each chapter has corresponding flashcards and quizzes) "ENT" includes: Introduction to Ear, Nose and Throat, Ear Ache and Ear Wax, Furuncle in the Ear Canal and Perforated Eardrum, Foreign Bodies in Ear, Nose and Throat, Rhinitis and Epistaxis, Nose Sinus Infection, Nasal Polyps and Polypectomy, Deviated Nasal Septum, Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis and Vocal Nodules, Tracheostomy, Tympanoplasty and Septoplasty, " Orthopedics" includes: What is Fracture, Fracture Healing, Shoulder Dislocation, Frozen Shoulder, Colles' fracture, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain's Disease, Avascular Necrosis of the Hip, Tennis Elbow, Torticollis, Spinal Fractures, Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Arthroplasty, Osteoporosis, Prolapsed Disc, Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements. About WAGmob apps: 1) A companion app for on-the-go, bite-sized learning. 2) Over Three million paying customers from 175+ countries. Why WAGmob apps: 1) Beautifully simple, Amazingly easy, Massive selection of apps. 2) Effective, Engaging and Entertaining apps. 3) An incredible value for money. Lifetime of free updates! * * * WAGmob Vision : simpleNeasy apps for a lifetime of on-the-go learning.* * * * * * WAGmob Mission : A simpleNeasy WAGmob app in every hand.* * * * * * WAGmob Platform: A unique platform to create and publish your own apps & e-Books.* * * Please visit us at or write to us at We would love to improve our app and app platform.