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This paradigm-breaking application allows you to plan anything and everything, remove frustration from your life and clear your head. Also it allows you to remember everything. If you ever try to plan anything you inevitably face a problem when one task should belong to more than one project. That's when all experience turns into frustration unless you using "your own thing" like Excel spreadsheet or sticky notes all over the place. Say, I want to learn X, because it will could advance two of my projects at the same time. MindJet, OmniPlan, Microsoft Project? How you organize your thoughts using them? And this is what actually required, because planning is assumed to reduce frustration, not to add it. What if you escalate to the top-management level of thinking, the strategic one? What if you want to place something like "achieve an extraordinary excellence" as one of your tasks? What if you have more than 5-6 projects at the same time in your company? To go to the next level, to develop your company, you have to have some tasks that are required that are connected to the projects, but not really part of them, how you plan these? What if some of these projects are closely related to your life and are supposed to help you with your life goals? All these seemingly daunting questions arise from one simple, but very powerful concept: information (and the world around us) is not a tree, it's a network! This paradigm-breaking application allows you to plan anything and everything by removing frustration from your life and clearing your head. The most powerful thing you will experience using it at some point is that all becomes so clear that you are ready for the new, better and bigger thoughts, and you are ready for the future!