OS X 10.10
The Assets Tool Application is designed to help xcode developers create iOS and Mac apps fast, generating assets folders, resizing images to all needed sizes, creating app icons, and adding empty space content when the designer is sending @3x image that is 99x98 pixels. Scale images - Create @2x and @1x from your @3x image - Create @1x from your @2x image Supported app icons - iOS apps (all icons sizes both for iPhone and iPad) - Mac app icons - Apple Watch app icons - Apple TV app icon assets including top shelf image, back, middle and front app icons Image Assets Drag and drop an image or a tree of directors and have all your images ready to be used with Xcode. You can choose to export your images directly to Xcode project assets folder, or in any other place. Add suffix to your images If you have one or more images that need to be scaled, but your designer has send them without @3x or @2x suffix, you can drag and drop them and have them all with the same suffix. Add padding If you have your @3x image 98x99 px and you need it to be 99x99, just drag the image. Also, you can specify how big the padding should be. The image quality won't be affected. Resize image You can now simply resize all your images at once, just by specifying the desired size and dragging the images. We use this application every day internaly and we have decided to share this tool with other developers.