IPEVO Annotator

OS X 10.10
IPEVO Annotator Enjoy greater interactivity on your interactive whiteboard system by using IPEVO Annotator. It’s packed full of annotation tools that allow you to draw and annotate freely on images projected onto the screen. Further enhance the experience by using screenshot, screen recording or other useful features that are available. So, be sure to maximize your creativity and fully utilize the potential of your interactive whiteboard with IPEVO Annotator. Key Features: 1. Drawing Mode In this mode, you can draw or annotate on your onscreen material. 2. Whiteboard Mode Pull out a blank “whiteboard” for drawing or annotating. You can also delete/add new boards, import images or export “whiteboards” as jpeg or pdf. 3. Pen Tool Allows you to draw or annotate on the projected image. 4. Basic Shapes Draw basic shapes and drag their edges to change their sizes, areas or angles. 5. Stamp Use the available stamps or create and import customized stamps for stamping on your onscreen material. 6. Eraser Allows selective erasing of drawings or annotations. 7. Scissors Duplicates selected drawings and/or annotations for use on your screen or “whiteboard”. 8. Measuring Tools Measure lines or angles using the Ruler or Protractor Tool. 9. Undo/Redo Steps one step backward or forward in your annotation changes. 10. Trash Use Trash to clear all drawings and annotations at once. 11. Multi-Pen Mode In Multi-Pen Mode, two users can work simultaneously on the projected surface. 12. Screenshot Take a snapshot of the entire screen or part of the screen. 13. Video Recording Record your onscreen activities. You can choose to record a selected area of the screen or the entire screen.