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iProjectFree is the free version of iProject, a Mac application that makes capturing and managing complex program and project task and deliverable lists easy. iProjectFree is intended to allow you to try before you buy and any files you create will be 100% compatible with iProject. iProjectFree does not provide access to the following application functions: - Ongoing Costs - Timesheets - Risks - Interfaces - Setup iProjectFree lists include hierarchical lists, standard lists and parent/child lists to record the following types of program and project information: - Hierarchical list of tasks and task groups (work breakdown structure) - Hierarchical list of functional requirements and functional groups to be analysed and/or addressed by the project (business functions) - Hierarchical list of business processes and process groups to be analysed, modelled or implemented - Hierarchical list of project deliverables and deliverable groups (product breakdown structure) including reports, interfaces, conversions, extensions, forms, workflows and infrastructure - List of companies and people involved in the project including individual roles and rates (organisation structure) - Lists of categorised issues and risks (Risks not available in iProjectFree) - Lists of implementation expense budgets, commitments and payments - List of operational costs including labour, hardware and software maintenance (not available in iProjectFree) - List and details of timesheets (not available in iProjectFree) - Lists of setup parameters such as project roles, status codes, issue and risk categories and financial transaction types and categories(default values only available in iProjectFree). Start and end dates, durations, resources, rates and responsibilities can be assigned to tasks or deliverables and the status of these tasks and deliverables can be tracked. Data can be exported in different formats for quick and easy reporting and data can be imported by copying and pasting from applications supporting tab delimited CSV formats. A companion iProject app for iOS allows you to take this information with you on the run, either by synching files automatically via iCloud or by manual copying files using iTunes. Key application features include: - Unlimited hierarchy of folders and documents - Visually track status - Supports the use of formatted text, tables and images (images will not be visible on an iPad running iOS6) - Drag and Drop folders and documents to move them around - Copy and Paste between files and to/from other applications - Keyboard shortcuts to support rapid data entry - Duplicate individual document and/or entire folder structures - Export in different formats, including DOC, HTML, RTFD - Create and edit documents on the Mac or iPad - Store documents locally or in iCloud - Sharing and Text-to-Speech support