Island Tribe 4 (Premium)

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New adventures in the amazing casual strategy - islanders are here again! Become the part of the new adventures! Help the shaman get his true appearance back! After all the misfortunes the islanders are finally happy. They saved the Chief's stolen bride and celebrated the wedding. They even made friends with the evil shaman. It turned out that the shaman was in fact a pirate who was cursed after finding a shaman's mask. The desperate pirate told the story of his miseries and asked the islanders for help. - Join the islanders on a mission to help their new friend in this adventure game; - Rebuild around the world and through time in 44 all-new stages; - Visit ancient Egypt, Scandinavia, and China to make new friends; - Upgrade buildings and collect needed resources including food and water. JOIN US! Enjoy Realore Games at: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: