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ISO Buster is an easy to use ISO Image creation and burn to disc utility. Features included: ▪ Split your images to a specified size ▪ Multiple burning device support ▪ Supports USB burning devices ▪ Supports burning on CD and DVD ▪ Parallel processing: ⁃ All images created at the same time ⁃ Select on which burning devices you want to burn in parallel ▪ Automatic split if it doesn’t fit on a disc. You don’t have to do anything. ▪ Automatic size calculation of all your files ▪ You can select these filesystems for images and burning: ⁃ ISO9660 ⁃ UDF ⁃ HFS+ ⁃ Joliet ▪ Drag your files and folders ▪ Move, rename or remove your files and folders ▪ Select what you want to see: ⁃ Package content ⁃ Hidden files ⁃ Localized name