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Isosceles is the perfect geometry drawing tool for everyone: students, teachers, professionals, and anyone who likes to draw. Isosceles is a great tool to create Euclidean geometric constructions, compass-and-straightedge style. If you're looking for a different approach, Cartesian, Isometric, and Polar grids are all available as well. The possibilities are wide open! GREAT FEATURES FOR EVERYONE • Simple, versatile drawing tools (point, line, circle, arc, conics). • Features like double/triple lines and point styles open up new uses for Isosceles, such as drawing chemical diagrams or graphs. • Add text annotations and mathematical expressions anywhere in the drawing, as well as smart text annotations that update their value based on the figures and calculations you type. • Write or draw freeform on the canvas, or even insert images and graph functions directly in your sketches. • Isosceles can store your sketches in iCloud so your documents are available across all your devices. FEATURES FOR TEACHERS • Isosceles allows you to efficiently create top-notch quality geometric illustrations to supplement your lectures, assignments, and exams. • Connect your Mac to a projector to easily demonstrate a construction. • View and edit information about any object, such as the length of a line or the circumference of a circle. • Add marks to show congruency and parallel objects, extend lines, show live measurements, and more. FEATURES FOR PROFESSIONALS • Isosceles's smart snapping system takes care of neatness, letting you focus on making your clients happy with great designs. • The isometric grid snaps figures as you draw, making 3D schematics easy. • Take advantage of the simple yet versatile export options for sharing sketches with colleagues. • LaTeX users: Create your geometric figures in Isosceles and import them as TikZ code into your LaTeX documents. This allows you to take advantage of the seamless LaTeX rendering without the hassle of learning to write TikZ code. With Isosceles, you can finally leave the compass and straightedge behind for the next generation in geometry drawing! Isosceles was designed and developed by a 17-year-old.