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*** Download iStatistica Sensors plug-in at to enable temperature and fans monitoring *** iStatistica is an advanced system monitor for macOS. It includes notification center widget and status bar menu. Simply slide out notification center to keep an eye on your CPU, memory, disk usage and network activity. Features list: ● System monitoring - uptime - memory (used, free, cache, system, per app) - CPU usage (total, per core, per app) - disk usage - ejecting external drives ● Battery information - cycles - health - capacity - time remaining ● Network activity - network interfaces - external WAN IP and Country - internal LAN IP address - gateway IP address and MAC-address - incoming & outgoing traffic ● Menu Bar monitors - memory - cpu - disk - network ● Web-Access and API - web-dashboard - restrict access by ip - REST API with JSON output ● Plug-Ins support for Fans, Sensors and Disk I/O monitoring Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please, send it to Follow us on Twitter @imagetasks!