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Award-winning educational software with all of the questions and answers you need to pass your Driver CPC Bus and Truck exam in Ireland. Study, practice and pass your exam the first time around! Perfect preparation to pass your CPC exam at the Driver Theory Test (DTT) service. 1. 170+ QUESTIONS WITH EXPLANATIONS: All theory questions are based on the newest Driver Theory Test service catalogue of Ireland. This covers ALL topics needed to pass your Driver CPC Truck and Bus exam. 2. TAKE TEST EXAMS: Use test mode to determine where you still need practice! 3. FEEDBACK WITH EXPLANATIONS: Receive immediate feedback with all correct answers. 4. PROGRESS CHARTS - See how well you are doing and keep track of all your mock test results. You will know when you are ready for the real exam. 5. EASY TO USE: Simple to navigate. No Internet connection required. 6. ADVICE CENTRE: If you have any questions, we will provide support within 24 hours. 7. FAVOURITES: Mark the tough questions, and the areas you need to work on. Copyright and Disclaimer The questions and answers presented here are based on those contained in the 'Official Driver Theory Test’ book (published by the Road Safety Authority), but not identical. You will receive questions with different content in your driver theory test.” The testable materials are reproduced from the "The Rules of the Road" under the PSI General Licence 2005/08/01. The RSA retains copyright ownership Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to ensure the contents of The Rules of the Road in the app are as accurate as possible. The Irish government accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of this app.