ITIL Foundation exam prep and braindump

OS X 10.7
This app can help you to pass the exam of Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation (ITIL Foundation ) quicky and easily. This app contain 369 multiple choice questions pool, with one correct answers. If you enable timer, questions must be answered in near 9 hours for all pool. For real exam, you need to answer 40 questions in 1 hours. You can remark the questions and you review question easily. In addition , you can also click the question number and jump to that question. - No internet required - Only one cost and use forever Exam Details Number of questions: 40 Type of questions: Multiple choice Passing score: 65% (26 out of 40 questions answered correctly). It is a pass/fail exam. Time limit: One hour. Students taking the exam in a language other than their native tongue AND in a country where the language of the exam is not a business language in that country are permitted an extra 15 minutes and the use of a dictionary for the exam. Closed book: No notes are permitted during exam session. Proctor: The exam will be supervised by an accredited exam supervisor/proctor. Format: Students taking the exam as part of an accredited, instructor-led training class will be given the exam in either a paper-based format or a web-based format, depending on the arrangement the instructor has with the certifying body issuing the exam. How to register: If students have not taken a formal class and have instead chosen the self-study route, students can take the exam at either a Prometric or Pearson VUE testing center; both have locations worldwide. Note that ITIL exams will not be listed on these sites under “ITIL” but instead will be listed under “EXIN” and/or “ISEB.” Be sure to search using those terms when registering for the exam. (EXIN and ISEB are two organizations who create official ITIL Foundation exams. EXIN exams are more popular in the USA; ISEB tends to be more popular in the UK.) Preparation Hints You are going to be tested on your knowledge of the ITIL books, so owning the books is a good idea. Though the books are expensive, you can often purchase them used for a bit less money. They can also be purchased in PDF format, which makes searching the books much easier. For any exam, always go to the source of the exam. For the ITIL Foundation Certificate in Service Management exam, you should get a copy of the official version of the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate Syllabus from The exam objectives are listed later in this article as well as downloadable from the ITIL official site. Look at the exam requirements on the syllabus and highlight the terms that are unfamiliar to you; this will help you set up a study plan for yourself. If the objectives are totally foreign to you, don’t be too discouraged; it just means that you’ll need to read up to get the knowledge you need. Remember, everyone in information technology had to start somewhere. Next, don’t be afraid to do some online research and ask questions. There are many ITIL-related forums, and chances are your question(s) have already been asked and answered by others. If you need some live assistance, search the Internet for freelance ITIL instructors. Instructors will welcome the opportunity to work one-on-one to help you prepare for the exam, review the material, and answer your questions. Lastly, for students requiring a fully immersive experience, countless training companies offer accredited ITIL V3 Foundation training, which often includes the Foundation exam at the end of class. Many students enjoy classroom training because it eliminates many common distractions. However, these classes are often expensive.