iTombolissima - 意大利宾果

OS X 10.6
经典的意大利圣诞宾果游戏,配有自动纸板和卡片,可与您的朋友和您的父母一起玩耍。 您将有一个董事会自动提取数字,并用语音拨打意大利语,西班牙语,那不勒斯或英语的电话号码,您将能够打印卡片以播放Tombola(意大利宾果)。 您可以选择自动或手动提取(每次点击一个数字)。对于每个抽取的号码将会有一个声音,会告诉你的号码。您可以选择是否使用意大利语,英语,西班牙语或那不勒斯语的声音,在这种情况下,您将根据那不勒斯摩尔多瓦(cabala)的名字告诉他们的意思。 还有一个管理奖品的区域,您可以输入每个奖品的价值(2个数字,3个数字,4个等等),并且您可以使用应用程序的一个功能来混合他们之间的奖品并将其隐藏从视图.... 当玩家赢得奖品时,您可以通过点击按钮来查看运气已经提供的金额,以显示隐藏的奖品! 有很多设置,你可以设置让你的宾果非常好,有趣,非常有效。 另外,您还可以打印波霸(宾果)卡,这样所有的家人和朋友都可以和您一起玩。 在这里什么iTombolissima为您提供: - 提取数字的董事会。 - 生成和打印Tombola卡片的部分。 - 漂亮的圣诞风格的图形。 - 您可以选择板子和卡片的颜色。 - “随机惊喜奖” - 董事会的意见,选择意大利,英国,西班牙和那不勒斯 今年与你的朋友和家人一起玩乐趣和技术的方式玩意大利宾果圣诞节...与iTombolissima! IN ENGLISH: ____________ The classic italian Christmas bingo with an automated board and cards to play with your friends and your parents. You will have a board that extracts the numbers automatically and with a voice that call the numbers in italian, in spanish, in neapolitan or in english and you’ll be able to print the cards to play Tombola (Italian Bingo). You can choose to have automatic or manual extractions (one number for every click). For each number drawn there will be a voice that will tell you the number. You can choose whether to use the voice in Italian, English, Spanish or Neapolitan and in this case with the number you will also be told their meaning according to the Neapolitan smorfia (cabala). There is also a section to manage the prizes where you can enter the value of each prize (2 numbers, 3 numbers, quadruplet, etc..) and you can use a feature of the application that will mix the prizes between them and hide them from view.... When a player wins a prize you can find out the amount that the luck has given it by clicking the button to reveal the hidden prize! There are many settings that you can set to make your bingo really nice, funny and very efficient. In addition, you can also print the tombola (bingo) cards, this way all your family and friends will be able to play with you. Here what iTombolissima offers to you: - A board for extractions of numbers. - A section where to generate and print Tombola cards. - Nice Christmas style graphics. - You can choose the color of the board and the cards. - Prize section with "random surprise prizes" - Voice of the board to choose between Italian, English, Spanish and Neapolitan This year spend the Christmas with your friends and family playing italian bingo in a fun and technological way... with iTombolissima!