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HD PRINT, NOW WITH VOWELS! iTorah has been designed for the Mac OSX screen & includes beautiful typography and crisp print. We've even included vowels and trop for the hebrew text so it's easier to read! ENGLISH TRANSLATION WITH INTERLINEAR & SYNCHRONIZATION ● A complete English translation of the Torah is fully integrated into iTorah. ● View English translation in both full page and interlinear modes. ● English search included! INTEGRATED COMMENTARIES WITH INTERLINEAR Thousands and thousands of comments & insights, viewable in both interlinear or synchronized dual-windows, by the foremost, classical commentators of the Torah. ● Targum Onkelos ● Targum Yonasan ● Rashi ● Ramban (Nachmanides) ● Ibn Ezra ● Seforno ● Ohr HaChaim MULTI-TEXT VIEW Display up to 9 texts on the same page and keep all in sync! Press Edit to customize the position of any text. INTERACTIVE MAPS Beautiful, integrated maps to show places referenced in the texts. TIKKUN / SEFER TORAH SCROLL VIEW See the text as it appears in a real Sefer Torah Scroll! INTEGRATED AUDIO LECTURES/SHIURIM Audio lectures are fully integrated, available for offline listening and are 100% free. PRINT & SHARE Print or email almost any content from the app. Ideal for Shabbos learning! (Printing requires an AirPrint compatible printer) THE PARSHA ● Jump to the weekly Parsha (Torah portion) with a single click. ● Parsha mode - pages are divided by the weekly Aliya. ● Audio lectures are divided up based on the Parsha. ● See the Parsha, aliya by aliya in the original text with Tikkun mode. BROWSE, SEARCH & BOOKMARK ● Browse by book (sefer), parsha, chapter or jump to th ● Comprehensive keyword search across the entire Torah ● Bookmark any chapter or specific aliya within a Parsha.