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iWatermark Pro is the essential watermarking app for professional, business, and personal use. iWatermark Pro is the number 1 and only watermarking tool available for all 4 platforms iPhone/iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows. It is the most popular professional watermarking tool for photos. Easily secure and protect your photos with text, a graphic, a signature, or a QR watermark. Once added to a photo, this visible watermark indicates that the image is created and owned by you. Features Works with Lightroom, Photoshop, Picasa, ACDSee, iPhoto, Aperture, and other photo organizers Batch processing or sequential Input/output to all major file types JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW, etc. Create text, graphic, or QR watermarks Adjust opacity, font, color, border, scale, rotation, shadow, special effects, etc. Use metadata (GPS, Exif, XMP) as watermarks Design, edit, and manage a library of watermarks Export watermarks from other platforms for use in the Mac version Fast 64-bit, multi-threaded, multiple CPU/GPU's User-selectable color profiles Add, remove, and edit metadata (EXIF, GPS, and XMP). Unlimited fonts Great manual and support Share to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, and many more Always being improved