iWicca by Metrilogics

OS X 10.12
Finally - an all-in-one calendar app for the busy Wiccan, Pagan or student of the occult! iWicca's "Sabbati" screen lets you know what's on the calendar for any given day of the year, including: • the beginning and end of the 8 annual sabbats, • feast days honoring a specific god or goddess, • key events in Pagan history, • birthdays of key Wiccan and Pagan practitioners, • dates of passing of these same individuals, or • inspirational quotes and words of wisdom from various Masters of Magick. iWicca's "Wheel of the Year" screen allows you to select any date to see what's on tap for the future - or take a look at special past events. As you use iWicca to learn what's in store for a given day, BE SURE to also check out the app's "Wiccanalia" screen. Each video module provides insight into a variety of mystical and occult subjects, including spells, charms, chants, prayers, and age-old lore that bring happiness, health, wealth, influence, and knowledge of the future. "Wiccanlia" topics include: • Alchemy: The Elixir of Life • Alchemy: The Masters • Alchemy: Philosopher's Stone • Angels: Celestial Alphabet • Angels: Enochian Language • Angels: The Fallen • Angels: Servants of God • Angels: Their Symbols • Gods of Ancient Egypt • Grimoires: Codex Gigas • I Ching Trigrams & Their Meanings • Kabbalah: Foundation • Kabbalah: Tree of Life • Life Bestown: Crosse's Acari • Life Bestown: Golem • Life Bestown: Homunculus • Life Bestown: Reanimation • Life Bestown: Techno Beings • Maya: Great Cycle's End • Objects of Power: Excalibur • Objects of Power: Seal of Solomon • Runes & Their Meanings • Tarot & Their Meanings • Wicca: Healing • Wicca: Horned God • Wicca: Love • Wicca: The Masters • Wicca: Wealth ...with many more to come!