Jarvis – Present In Motion

OS X 10.10
Jarvis is a simple presentation tool that turns your iPhone into a remote for slide decks on your Mac OS X computer. Swipe or use motion from your iPhone to go to the next or previous slide. • Jarvis runs in the background. Just pull up a slide deck, connect from the iPhone and present! • Jarvis requires an iPhone and the counterpart Jarvis iOS application. • This connection is established with Multipeer Connectivity (Bluetooth LE or WiFi). Commands • Next: Swipe down or swiftly rotate the iPhone on its Y-axis 90° counter-clockwise. • Back: Swipe up or swiftly rotate the iPhone on its Y-axis 90° clockwise. Note: Jarvis was made with the vision of enhancing your moment in the spotlight with new, stylish ways to navigate slide decks. Thus, motion detection was added to give presenters the ability to proceed to the next slide with a flick of the wrist. However, the concept needs more testing and improvement. So please feel free to share any feedback on usability, or even new features would make Jarvis even better!