Jean’s Boutique 2

OS X 10.6.6
Jean's Boutique 2 Time Management Game for Mac. Recommended for fans of Time Management Games. Basic Concepts: - Serving customers fast keeps them happy. - Waiting customers can get upset, angry and will eventually leave the store. - Each day the store will remain open for a limited time. Features: - Total 64 Stage ( Story Mode 57, Mini Game 7 ). - 8 unique locations. - 11 unique customer types ( Normal customer 10, Special customer 1 ). - 6 Popup Services ( Measure, Hanger, Footgear, Headgear, Eyeglasses, Package ). - Use Wink & Flatter Skill. - 3 Items ( Gives all customers a single heart, Stops the timer, Makes Jean move fast ). - Auto Cleaner ( dressing room, mirror ) Endless Mode: - Once you finish a boutique in STORY MODE, you can play ENDLESS MODE. - If a customer leaves out, you will lose a heart. Once you run out of hearts the game will end. - If you provide continuous services to five customers with five hearts(5 COMBO), you will obtain a one heart. - Global Ranking System