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Jewel Fever

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"Jewel Fever" is on sale for a short time! Go and get it while it lasts! The iOS-mobile-hit-game "Jewel Fever" is coming to the Mac Appstore! "Jewel Fever" is an addictive match-3-puzzle-game. It features: ✔ Three game modes: Normal, Quick and Infinite ✔ Nice graphics ✔ steady framerates with 60 FPS Instructions: Normal mode - you advance to the next level when you match the required number of jewels as it´s shown in the upper part of the screen. Quick mode - Try to match as many jewels as you can in 60 seconds! Infinite mode - You have unlimited time so you won´t be surprised by any "game over"-messages You can move the jewels by clicking at the source and then at the target-position. If you ever get angry just play "Jewel Fever" to relax! If you encounter any problems or crashes please tell us (android@sprakelsoft.com)!