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Job Sheet Timer is free to download and try out. It displays an intermittent reminder message until purchased through in-app purchase. Job Sheet Timer provides focused and low-overhead timekeeping, ideal for anybody who works on a range of projects, with or without multiple varying hourly rates based on the nature of the work. Job Sheet Timer is instantly available in the main menu bar from any application or desktop. Start and stop timing with a single click. Automatically consolidate multiple time entries from a single day to create a final, comprehensive exportable time record. Set validation options and enable warnings to prevent errors, such as overlapping time entries. Automatically round up to your nearest billing unit, and discard minimal time entries according to your normal billing practices. Time records are exported in comma-separated format for easy integration with your existing invoicing application. For users who have an existing installation of Cognito’s MoneyWorks® Gold (v. 5 and above), Job Sheet Timer lets you encode time entries using your active jobs and time resources, and directly exports them into new job sheet entries. For those who invoice professional time by the billable hour, every minute counts. Time records created after-the-fact from memory typically underestimate the amount of time that was actually expended. Job Sheet Timer helps you to accurately maximize your time records, while keeping the administrative burden of timekeeping to an absolute minimum. Job Sheet Timer relieves you of the repetitive, tedious, error-prone burden of manually tracking, compiling, coding, entering and doublechecking time records. Job Sheet Timer features: * Ease of use with a simple, intuitive workflow * Convenient accessibility as a main menu bar application * User interface designed to minimize use of screen space * Fully searchable instant menus to select job and time resource * One click to start and stop timing * Review, edit and delete raw time entries * One click to consolidate, validate and export multiple daily time entries * Optionally flag questionable edits at the project level, including overlapping time entries and forward-dated entries * Multiple safeguards and warnings to ensure the integrity of timekeeping records * Optional preservation of original raw timekeeping records