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This is a professional level 3D JT file viewer for Mac. JT format is one of the most popular 3D formats. It is an ISO-standardized 3D data format and is in industry used for product visualization, collaboration and CAD data exchange. JT format is supported by almost all popular 3D applications, including CATIA, Solidworks, Creo, NX and many others. The app supports all popular JT versions including version 8, version 9 and version 10. The app provides many 3D features including rotating, panning, zooming in/out, changing rendering color, choosing surface or wireframe rendering mode. The app provides features for you to do 3D measurements and analysis. It automatically generates dimensions of 3D models so you can easily understand the measurements. It is capable of calculating many important properties, for instance, volume, area, mass center. It can check 3D model interference or self-intersection automatically, show curvature map of 3D geometry, calculation deviation between 3D parts. You can load multiple JT files into the same 3D window. It is very useful for 3D model comparison or assembling. You can use sectioning view to see inside of 3D model. Add annotation to the 3D parts to share the information with others. The app also provides you strong 3D data exporting capability. You can export 3D model in STL, DAE, DXF, OBJ, VRML, PLY, OFF and ATD formats. The app is very powerful and super easy to use. It is very fast and capable of loading huge models as big as 200MB. It is a great tool for viewing, reviewing and collaborating on 3D assets. The app is part of Afanche 3D visualization tool family developed by Afanche Technologies. Afanche 3D visualization apps are widely used by professionals all over the world. If you need 3D viewer for other formats, please search 'Afanche' or 'Afanche3D' to find more 3D apps. Afanche Technologies is a company specialized in 3D technologies. For more info, please visit our website, http://www.afanche.com