Jurassic Island: The Dinosaur Zoo

OS X 10.6
Jurassic Island: The Dinosaur Zoo Come and build your own dinosaur world with this unique Jurassic Island Zoo game! Operate a successful dinosaur park by attracting many visitors. Join the community and build your own creation! Create your own unique tour with different stations so visitors can observe the dinosaurs. The more likes you collect the more funds you accumulate (a heads up: locating the dinosaurs drinking and feeding bowls close to the stations is key). With your extra earned cash, expand the park with further services and amenities for visitors, such as gift shops, hotels, restaurants, while you are also in charge of securing food and water supplies, electricity and a necessary security system. A volcano nearby and unpredictable weather are additional challenges to manage your park successfully. And don’t forget: dinosaurs can escape and chase visitors! So make sure to build safe heavens and provide swift assistance and evacuation for the visitors to safely operate your park. Of course the happiness and well-being of the dinosaurs are of equal importance. Build them comfortable, clean enclosures with many plants, rocks, and lots of food and drinking spots. Otherwise they will just die after a short time. And no visitor wants to see a sick dinosaur! Did a Dino escape? No worries, you will have a variety of tools at your disposal to catch them and to restore the operation of your park. Key features: ● authentic simulation and endless arrangements, ● 9 different type of meat and plant-eating dinosaurs, ● 15 different buildings, ● unrestricted construction of road and animal enclosures, ● a large space to build your own park, ● a variety of challenges and scenarios , ● share the favorite pictures of your park with your friends, ● excellent sound-effects and 3D animation The Jurassic Island: The Dinosaur Zoo Question and Answer: Q: Will I get notifications all the time and is this an online game? A: No and no! We will never send you any notifications and drive you crazy with messages. The gameplay is totally offline so you can play anywhere anytime of the day. :) Q: Is your company another giant willing to create similar games all the time? A: No. We are a very small team of 4 really enthusiastic and creative people. We work in a tiny office and try to create games that people will love to play. We invested our funds to make this great game and worked hard, sometimes 24/7. Q: Why are you selling paid games? A: Our games are wholly our own creations and self-distributed. As we are a small company we need proper funds for new projects. We believe that other free(mium) applications and games are usually all about in-app purchases. It is true that we also sell in-apps but our games are designed in a way that everyone can enjoyed them even without the need to buy any in-app options. Q: Jurassic Island: The Dinosaur Zoo is out now. Do you support it later on? A: Yes, certainly. We usually support our games for over 1-2 years after it has been released with bug fixes, enhancements and new features. We answer every email and usually reply to all the comments. We take feedback extremely seriously and update the game based on players' experience. Q: I really like this game. Is there anyone else out there? A: Sure! We have many channels where you can reach us and the community. You can find us on Facebook under www.facebook.com/jurassicisland, on Twitter @jurassicislandg, on YouTube and we even have our own webpage www.jurassicislandgame.com. You may also contact us by email at info(at)jurassicislandgame.com Q: Can I support you? A: Of course. We are always happy to receive any feedback and/or support that will help us improve the quality of our current games or that of future projects. Q: I like your team. Can I join? A: We are always interested in new creative minds so contact us via email! Thank you guys. We hope that you will enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed creating it for all of you!