JXCirrus Maths

OS X 10.10
JXCirrus Maths is a maths training application aimed at primary school children. It focuses on basic arithmetic: Times tables, addition, subtraction and division. It will let you set up exercises that are run each day, and then records the best time and lets you race against that. Features: - Set up any number of exercises for your child. - For Times tables and division: Select one or more times tables to practice, choose how many questions will be asked, choose whether they will be run in random order. - For Addition and subtraction: Select a range to add up to or subtract from (i.e. add up to numbers between 15 and 25) and how many questions to be asked. - Schedule exercises to be run once a session, once a day or once a week. - Pop up reminders to run maths exercises. - Records the fastest time for an exercise. - Lets you race against your fastest time (which adds that extra bit of interest to maths practice). - Display a graph of your time taken for the exercise each time you finish it. - Set up the application to display photos from the family album - The photo will change over after each completed exercise. - Add a special exercise which re-tests you on all of the answers that you got wrong during that session. - Set up exercises for any number of children. - Share exercises between computers and iOS devices using iCloud. - Includes a built-in user manual.