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KaleidoFX to create stunning Kaleidoscopic Effects A designer dream… KaleidoFX will provide you hours of beautiful design variations, in just a couple of clicks you get something totally different… Super Easy and Super Magical… beware it is addictive but so much fun! KaleidoFX features: - Multiple repeat layout… Circle/Cube/Isocele/Honeycomb... - Create a Kaleidoscope out of any photo! - Save your parameters so you can load them back later. - Rotate/Size/Move the basic block for infinite possibilities! - Change center, ReScale for multiple variations... - Blend (20 different modes provided) and create amazing textures. - Mix with a background photo of your choice... - Up to 128 mirror repeats including symmetrical or asymmetrical... - High quality on images of ANY size! - A crop tool is also included. - Import or Save many file formats