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Kanban is all about visibility: managing your work in a visual and pleasant way. Kanbanier lets you create effective and easy to understand Kanban boards. Designed for Mac, the sleek and modern interface makes your Kanban boards fit right into your desktop. Work in iCloud or offline, you stay in control of your project data; there is no web component, online registration or hidden fees. In true Kanban fashion it does not take much to keep track. Add cards describing your work. Then drag and drop them across the columns of the board as the work progresses. • Decorate your cards with colors and tags to add more meaning and highlight what is and isn't important. • Use different boards alongside each other, and move cards between them. • Set work-in-progress limits to balance workload. • Save your boards in iCloud to sync with other Macs or Kanbanier on iPhone and iPad. An in-app purchase gets you even more: • Horizontal swimlanes (rows) in addition to only columns: separate your cards into different flows. • Hierarchical rows or columns: create sublanes to partition your progress with more granularity. • Card lists: quickly scroll through cards in an easy to read linear and distraction-free manner. • Card archive: remove and save completed cards for future reference. • Analytics: see and report the big picture with diagrams. • Printing: turn boards into hard copy or save them as PDF. • Zooming: magnify for readability or presentation. • Formatting: rich text including links increases expression and focus. • Tag types: show tags of different types, formats and colors. • Exporting: save boards in other formats such as images or XML. • Themes: switch between light and dark modes to match the ambient environment.