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Keep Note is a clean and beautiful notes app that is designed for lightweight note-taking. You can add, delete, and flip through your notes or do a quick search. #Clean and Explicit Keep Note puts your list of notes right alongside the note you're currently viewing, so that you can quickly switch between your notes. When you need to focus on a single note, You can hide the list. #Colorful Choose one of eight beautifully designed colors to your notes. #Fonts Choose from one of 5 different fonts for your notes based on whatever works for the note, or again, whichever you like best! You can set your default font for new notes in Preferences. #Star Important notes Right click on a note and click Move to favorite notes, and then browse just your starred notes for quick access! #Undo/Redo Support No need to worry about making mistakes. Just Type has complete undo and redo support for all actions, from changing colors and fonts to writing text and inserting/deleting notes. Next Update #Retina-ready #Rich Text Toolbar