Kid Songs Piano! – Learn To Read Music

OS X 10.11
To play a song, click the star and play along! This piano app provides oodles of visual effects and teaches 9 songs for kids to learn: • Bingo • Hickory Dickory Dock • The Farmer In The Dell • Hot Cross Buns • Mary Had A Little Lamb • Muffin Man • Jesus Loves Me • Ring Around The Rosie • She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain Our preschooler really likes the "hearts" and other effects! Just pick a song from the rotary dial at the left, then tap the star to see the animation begin. You can adjust playback speed by dragging the arrow at the top center of the screen; drag towards the rabbit to speed up the playback or towards the turtle to slow it down, or anywhere in-between. You may change the sound the keyboard makes by clicking the round button on the right hand side just above the keyboard. Click the gear icon to see the Settings screen. On the Settings screen, the displayed letter notation can be set to any of these options: 1) C D E F G A B 2) C D E F G A H 3) Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si For feedback or suggestions please contact us at TIP: try searching for "Visions Encoded" in the app store to find all of our apps! Also available on iOS.