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Kids Fifteen

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Kids Fifteen is an extended version of the classical "fifteen" game. The game is intended for children starting from 5 years old and above. The game will allow your child to learn numbers from 1 to 15 and their sequence. One of the problems when a four - five-aged child learns numbers consists in the comprehension shift from simple numbers (1 … 9) to two-figure numbers ( 10, 11, 12 etc.). This program will help your child to overcome this barrier while playing. In addition, the program will develop the child's attention, logic, intellectual abilities, basic computer skills. It provides further development of fine motor skills of hands. The game object is to arrange numerical puzzles (chips) in a strictly defined order: puzzle numbers should increase from left to right and top-down. The game is limited by time or a number of steps. You can choose the amount of puzzles to be arranged within the interval from 10 up to 15. Even at the amount of puzzles of 13 the task can be easily fulfilled by a five-year-old child (this was proven by the author's darling daughter). While arranging the puzzles in the right order an image will gradually appear to the right, which is chosen by the program at random from a source of images. As a source of images there can be used: - The program itself. About 900 images is provided along with the program divided into the following categories: • Cats and kittens; • Dogs and puppies; • Rabbits; • Hamsters; • Cars; • Dinosaurs; • Flowers; • Fishes. - A folder on the hard disc of your computer, which you can choose on your own. For example, the chosen folder may contain images of the characters from favorite cartoons of your child (See the screenshot 3). After all the puzzles are arranged in the right order, the window with fascinating fireworks and cheerful music will appear.(See the screenshot 4). This function can be shut off in the main menu. The help for the game use is available in Russian and English languages .