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Tap into the pool of delightful apps specially designed for your little ones. These simple but clever educational games for children will help them in gaining practice of thinking, solving and creating a sort of attitude to put forth keen attention. Learning can be made fun everyday with these games 1.Mole Hunter- Smack moles and have fun with several seasons and levels to choose from. 2. Dress Me Up – Designer Kids - A new you everyday- chance to dress up your favorite characters. 3. Easy Craft – Kid’s Craft Book - Make time for the craft smart kids. 4. Kid’s Paints and Colors (level)-Kids will love the palette of colors to create their own masterpieces. 5. Pony Dash- An exciting game of pony running in a scenic background. 6.Chopper Crazy - Little Flier- An app that gives you the pleasure of flying cute helicopters. 7. Jukebox - An exciting app for kids rhymes & music instruments. Excite and enthuse your child with these games and you too will love to be a child again. The amazing apps will strike a chord with the kids as they will learn in easy and simple ways. Care is taken to cater to toddlers with little fingers as also to the growing needs of a growing child. Features: •Learning about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc •Super creative images •Pleasant music •Array of games •Multisensory learning games