Kids Preschool Game Box Pro

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Preschool Game Box is a great combination of educational games for children in a single series! Toddlers and older children alike can learn while having fun with the amazing and fun educational games in this series. Teach your kids all about numbers, alphabets, colors, puzzles, picture match, and much more! ~ VARIETY OF TODDLER LEARNING GAMES Kids will enjoy a huge variety of learning games in this app, like Coloring apps, Jigsaw Puzzles, Counting, Alphabets Trainer, Dots with Tots, Easy Crafts, Match & Learn, Pony Dash and Mole Hunter game. There are endless hours of learning for your child with preschool learning games made for Counting and Alphabets Trainer. Increase your child’s concentration with fun educational games such as Jigsaw, Dots with Tots and Match and Learn. Unleash his/her creativity with learning games like Coloring and Easy Craft or take him on a giggly adventure with Pony Dash and Mole Hunter! ~ GREAT FOR BRAIN DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING The wonderful animation, soothing sounds and professional studio recorded voices will add to your children’s delight and keep him engaged. Children will love the cute characters and life like objects in these educational games. You can be a part of your kid’s amazing world and lead him to new discoveries with Jumpstart Kids: 9-In- 1 Learn with Fun Series. ~ PREESCHOOL GAME BOX FEATURES - Learn with fun educational games - Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers - 9 different kids learning games - Learn numbers, alphabets, and colors - Improve concentration with jigsaw, dots and matching - Be creative with colors and crafts - Enjoy adventurous learning games with cute characters and life like objects - Great animations and soothing sounds Go ahead and bring a smile on your kid’s face! Have hours of fun and learn at the same time with these awesome educational games!