Kids Teaser Puzzles

OS X 10.6
Kids Teaser Puzzles game is specially designed keeping kids in mind. There are hundreds of Jigsaw puzzles available, but this one is really easy on the young minds. This is very easy for adults but a big challenge and brain rattler for kids. Improve their analyzing power with these simple animal jigsawed puzzles. 1)Play Peek a Boo – Toddler Treasure - Find the target object from a group of fruits, vegetables, numbers, letters, animals and vehicles. 2)Pick and Match – Match the Objects- Teaches pairing and sorting things by shape, size, color and other attributes. 3)Brain Trainer – Odd One Out- Classic game of finding the odd one out from the group 4)Jigsaw Toddler Puzzle- A double picture puzzle with two similar images to raise the challenge 5)Match and Learn- A game of matching objects which will sharpen the little brains! 6)Follow Me- A brain teasing game. 7)Jigsaw Preschool Puzzles for Kids- A variety of simple jigsaw puzzles which can raise a child’s curiosity. 8)Preschool Shapes- Learn about basic shapes and create fun characters 9)Match Caster - Learn about basic shapes 10) Brain Trainer – Spot The Difference 11)Dot to Tot - Connect Dots Features: •Apps are designed to build child’s observation power and concentration •Kid’s visual, auditory and tactile senses are stimulated •Child learns about dimension, achieving targets, numbers, colors, letters, etc. •Pleasure for the little kids while singing rhymes, dancing and playing with musical instruments •Guided activities with suitable hints and tutorials. •Pleasant background and music.