King James Audio Bible

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Listen to the King James Audio Bible on your computer without an internet connection! This app allows you to listen to the entire Old Testament and New Testament via built in audio files. Listen to the Holy Bible anytime, no matter where your travels take you. Life is busy and days are short - so make the most of your time by enjoying easy access to the Holy Bible with this wonderful app. All audio is built into the software so you can listen to the Holy Bible at any time, without the need for a wireless or internet connection. The audio is from the favorite King James Version. Now you can finally take the Holy Bible with you wherever you decide to go and share it with those you meet along the way. Also makes a wonderful gift for those hard to buy for individuals that you love! The King James Audio Bible includes: - The complete books of the Old Testament in audio format - The complete books of the New Testament in audio format - The King James New Testament in PDF form to read on screen or print - Bible Quiz to test your knowledge FEATURES: - One click access to each book and chapter of the Holy Bible - Audio includes both Old and New Testaments - Beautiful scene from the Creation of Adam painted by Michelangelo - Read or Print the New Testament ***** NOTE ***** This is a large file so it may take some time to download - Once downloaded to your computer, you will never need an internet connection to listen to the audio files or use the app. Audio recorded by Audio Scriptures International.