Kingdom of Seven Seals

OS X 10.6.6
BONUS EDITION: Walkthrough included in the package! The wicked Witch has cast a spell on the Kingdom of Ulaland. She has imprisoned all inhabitants, including the King and the Prince, in the enchanted castle, but she still cannot gain total control over the Ulaland until she finds seven magic seals. Princess Vita is the only one who can save the Ulaland. To liberate her beloved land, she has to find all the seals before the Witch does. The Princess will need every ounce of cunning and intellect you can muster as you race through 18 locations and 8 minigames solving puzzles and uncovering hidden objects. A friendly Fairy will keep company with you throughout the journey. Experience all adventures, meet quirky characters, get hold of the magic seals and the mystical Fortune Dagger – the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the Witch! If Princess Vita succeeds in her quest, she may one day become the Queen of Ulaland… DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Don’t get misled by the picturesque fairytale setting - the game is far more challenging than it may seem! We have included a walkthrough into the package in case you need extra clues: Visit for tips and news! FEATURES 3 difficulty level options 18 unique locations 8 challenging minigames Engaging storyline - fusion of adventure and hidden object scenes Charming hand - painted graphics Original soothing mood music Combination of strategic and tactical view