Kitty Cat Drop

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How would you like to play a game that in not only super fun to play but also challenges as well as exercises your brain? A game that is fun and good for the mind and improves Cognitive Skills! Great for all ages from young to old everyone will love to play this physics puzzle game as you help the Cute Little Kitty land safely on his platform. Here is what is in the Full Game: *28 Fun Packed Levels *Fun for all ages *Physics Puzzle Game *Exercise the Mind Kitty Cat Drop Rescue is easy to play and lean as you carefully click objects and obstacles to remove them making sure Kitty Cat does not touch the ground. Put on your thinking cap to examine puzzle and use a little strategy and logic to figure out and get Kitty to his Safe Zone. This game increases in difficulty as you proceed through the levels till you get to the end. Makes a great learning and entertainment app for kids as well as adults.