Kitty Kat Sight Words Adventure

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Kitty Kat Sight Words Adventure is a fun way of learning frequently used English words. Successful readers use a number of tools to help them understand texts.  One of the most effective and powerful reading tools that parents and teachers can help children develop is sight word recognition. When a child is able to grasp and identify sight words he is well on his way to becoming a thriving reader. Benefits of learning Sight Words includes : -  Sight words are confidence builders. -  Sight words free up a child’s energy to tackle more challenging words. -  Sight words provides clues to the meaning of a sentence. -  Sight words sometimes defies decoding strategies. -  Sight words instruction builds a foundation for reading new, more complex words. App Features. - Fun platform Sight Word game to enhance learning through play. - Saveable high scores for extra challenge. - Rich colourful graphics environment to enhance your child's learning experience. - Flash Cards for learning. - Bonus Find A Word Game For more apps please visit Please have a great day.