Kronos App for Time Tracking

OS X 10.9
The time is one of the most precious thing that we have, so keep track of all the time you spend on the daily activities you have to do. You can create tasks and give each a name. Then you can group them by inserting the project’s name (or a text representing a label used to group all the related tasks together) Once you have created a task, you can start tracking the time you spend on any activity by pressing the play button on the right of the cell. In the window that show the list of Projects you can define (for each project) thresholds related to the budget for the Project or your hourly rate, so to give a value to the time spent on the Project’s activities. In this way you can monitor the cost of the Project and keep track of the percentage of the task done. It is possible to export in CSV format the list of task associated to a Project.