Label Maker for MS Word

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This outstanding selection of 100 customisable templates has everything you need to create memorable labels for all occasions. And guess what – you don’t need any design skills. Because each template has been created by a team of graphic designers, exclusively for the app. So you get professional designs at your fingertips. It’s simple to use – just open a template in your Microsoft Word for Mac software and it’s ready to be edited, shared or printed. Personalise a bottle, add a label to a jar, or use as the foundation for your company branding. • Labels in all shapes and sizes – perfect for jars, bottles, containers, labels & more • Easy to use – complete integration with Microsoft Word • Created by professionals – straight from the studio to you • High resolution – ideal for graphics and barcodes/QR codes • Customisable – add your icons, colours and images Brought to you by PixelBox, the industry-leading developer of designs and templates for people who want to get creative. Label Maker for MS Word requires Microsoft Word 2011, or later.