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=== The fastest and most complete WiFi LAN Scanner available! === See whats connected to your favorite public WiFi network or your home network. This all-in-one information application is an extremely fast and thorough security solution for every user. LAN Scan is an application developed for Network Administrators and IT Managers but presented in a format targeted for non-professionals. This application allows you to view information about all the devices on a local network. Network devices are displayed in a very logical and convenient format for displaying the most pertinent information about each device. Includes: --- TCP Connect LAN Scanning: establish a TCP connection with each IP address on the network. --- ARP table Scanning: The ARP table is scanned for any devices attached to the network that doesn’t respond to a TCP connect. --- Also includes NetBios Scan, Bonjour Scan and Port Scanning --- Reverse DNS Lookup --- Wake On LAN functionality --- Dictionary lookups for MAC addresses, Port addresses and many Bonjour Services --- All information presented to the user in a easy to understand user interface --- Save previous Scans to reload and review later All information gathered is presented to the user in a easy to understand user interface including dictionary look-ups for known MAC addresses, common port addresses and many bonjour services. This App is designed to give the user a complete understanding of all the devices connected to a local network and network services they are running. Many more features to come. 9722840713