Largest Directories and Files – ‘Home’ Edition

OS X 10.6.6
Ever find yourself running out of space on your Mac? 'Largest Directories and Files' is a useful utility to help you pinpoint the areas of your "Home" directory ("~/ " by default, or anywhere on your filesystem) that are taking up the most space quickly and easily. Simply run the program, select a directory to scan , let LFD perform it's scan and a ding will notify you when it's completed. The result is a list of the 'Largest Directories and Files'! Once you know where they are, using Finder is easy to move them to the Trash, offload to an external disk or delete permanently; you decide what you can do to save your precious disk space. LFD updates in real-time, so you can move and delete files using Finder and they will disappear from the list as you clean up your drive.