Launch Anywhere DT

OS X 10.9
Launch Anywhere DT supports launching application located on your computers (desktop or laptop) via mobile devices (to be run with mobile side app). Combined with Launch Anywhere (run on mobile devices, can be downloaded from iOS App Store), you can launch application located on your computer by just tapping on your mobile device. It's easy and fast. Furthermore, you can even launch your own custom AppleScript to do more jobs. - support Mac OS X 10.9+ - support English/Tradition Chinese Description: - Collect all installed applications in "/Application" folder, selected applications can be launched from mobile devices - Run as status menu application - User management support - Security rules applied to prevent intruders - Display all your computers status (available/not available/sleep) with "Launch Anywhere DT" installed - Show computer's IP address - Notification support (can be muted by mobile devices)