LaunchD Task Scheduler

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LaunchD Task Scheduler is a very simple to use and intuitive task scheduler for your Mac. It Creates, Edits and Delete Tasks which are used to automate launching application or scripts based on your specified schedule. Don't just take my word for it, read my reviews! Video Demo: or click support link Advantages over other apps: * Automatic detection of Automator jobs, perl, python, ruby, workflow scripts and more! * Other apps do not allow editing, only creation of tasks * Program parameter or arguments, other do not allow you to specify * Great FAQ and quick expert tech support * No need to log out or restart to start or remove a task * Unlike other apps this places the files in the correct location, there are no further steps required This app can start an app, command or script automatically at any schedule you choose and has many advanced features. It can run tasks based on Mac events and will even restart a task on the event of a crash. The UI is simple to use and can quickly create a task but it is also backed with complex features if required. Such as the ability to have tasks run with I/O priority reduced and nice levels. This app makes configuration of LaunchD a breeze. -- List of Functionality -- * Create / Edit / Delete tasks (Not just create like other apps!) * Places the task in the correct folder to auto launch (Other apps dont!) * Create tasks to run at intervals, once a day, once a week, once a month * Create tasks to run on an event * When a volume is mounted * At login * Run on modification of a folder including empty ones * keep a task running and restart it if it crashs * Specify working directory for a task * Automatic detection of Automator jobs, perl, python, ruby, workflow scripts, applications and application stubs * Specify a root directory for a task * Redirect stdout, stdin, stderr * Set the nice level of a task * Force low priority I/O for a task * Enable globbing