LDS Primary Lyric Remover

OS X 10.6
The LDS Primary Lyric Remover helps Primary Song Leaders teach children the words to songs. Gone are the days when lyrics are written on the chalk board and erased one-by-one. Now, use your Mac, either by itself, with a TV, or with a projector, and display the lyrics. Then, invite the children to "wipe away" the lyrics, either one, two, or three at a time. The Lyric Remover "wipes" them away with a fun sound effect the children love. The Lyric Remover allows you to enter up to four verses and practice them one-by-one. It does not contain song lyrics because of copyright issues, but all song lyrics are available from the web site and can be pasted into the app with ease. The Lyric Remover is programmed by an LDS Primary Song Leader who has used the app many times to teach children music. The kids can't get enough of it. Today's children love it when teachers use technology in their teaching.