Learn American Sign Language

OS X 10.9
Learn American Sign Language is a brilliant app that will introduce you to the world of communication by the use of sign language. This is vital to so many people and its not too hard to learn. This app has over 140 easy to to follow tutorial lessons that will soon get you started and give you an insight. The app has many features and you can configure your learning experience by customising the content such as the name,rating, favourite status and you can even maintain your own set of notes for each clip as well as moving the clip up and down the playlist. Lessons include: Sign Language Lessons - Introduction Asl Snippets 1 Sign Language Lessons - Asl Whats That Asl Snippets 2 Sign Language Lessons - Comparing Two Items Asl Snippets 3 Sign Language Lessons - Colors Asl Snippets 4 Sign Language Lessons - Gender Height Width Asl Snippets 5 Sign Language Poetry - The Light Asl Snippets 6 Sign Language Lessons - Hair Eyes Nose Mouth Ears Asl Snippets 7 Sign Language Lessons - Valentines Day Asl Snippets 8 Sign Language Lessons - A Funny Joke Asl Snippets 9 Sign Language Lessons - Saint Patricks Day Asl Snippets 10 Sign Language Lessons - First Easter And Now Asl Snippets 11 Sign Language Lessons - Timber Asl Snippets 12 Sign Language Lessons - Family Part 1 Asl Snippets 13 Sign Language Lessons - Family Part 2 Asl Snippets 14 Sign Language Lessons - Family Part 3 Asl Snippets 15 Sign Language Lessons - Ew Mayo A Nasty Joke Asl Snippets 16 Sign Language Lessons - Halloween Asl Snippets 17 Sign Language Lessons - Asl Greetings And Introductions American Sign Language Sign Language Lessons - Thanksgiving Asl Snippets 18 Sign Language Lessons - Christmas Asl Snippets 19 Asl Syntax Asl Grammar Asl Grammar Final Asl Sentence Structure Week 3 Asl Grammar - Are You A Student Why Couldnt We Follow Asl Rules Asl Sentence Structure Wk 2 Asl Sentence Structure Asl Morphology Project Asl Sentence Structure Video Asl Sentence Of Dress Context A Asl Sentence Structure Controversy Of Asl Syntax Pedagogy Legros Asl 101 Directional Verb Sentences Au 11 Asl Grammar Quiz Elizabeth Meyers Final Asl Grammar Video Asl Morphology Final Vlog Asl Sentence Structure Asl Sentence Structure Week 13-14 - Vocabulary - Asl Sentence Structure Intro To Asl Grammar Asl Grammar Test Asl Sentence Structure Week 2 Elizabeth Meyers Final Asl Grammar Video Assignment Learn Zoo Animals American Sign Language Asl Nook - Sports In Asl 3 Reasons To Learn Asl American Sign Language American Sign Language Mimfl- Music Is My First Language and many more