Learn how to shoot and make panoramas Photoshop CS 6 edition

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Create stunning panoramas with Serge Ramelli workflow ==================================== This training course will take you through all the steps for making great panoramas. From shooting, to retouching your raw files first in Camera Raw and then merging them in Photoshop CS 6. You will also find out how to make HDR panoramas with the help of Photomatix. How to correct the distortions due to the use of a wide lens. NO technical jargon used without a simple explanation. More importantly get straight to work doing stunning panoramas. FREE with the app: Access to amazing high-res pictures (raw files), so you can follow along the retouch process and get the same results ! - Are you tired of all the theory and technical jargon you have to wade through before getting to the point? - Do you want to master the industry-leading digital darkroom in no time ? - Do you want to see the full workflow of a pro photographer who is specialized in landscapes ? - Do you want tutorials that are easy to understand and fun ? This tutorial is probably what you are looking for. Serge Ramelli is the NBR #1 training in France (all this course is in English !) ***** must buy ! Excellent - I've just completed the videos and this app has been excellent. Well presented, no over complicated instructions' just practical examples.This improved my photography skills and understanding significantly. Buy it. Summary 10 short chapters: ================== - 1. Intro I will show you the various panoramas that we will do in this course. - 2. Shooting the pano day light In this video, I will show you in the field how to set up your camera to shoot panoramas during the day. - 3. Preparing the raw files day light pano We are going to see what to do with the raw files out of the camera and what retouching needs to be done before we merge them together. - 4. Merging the photo's day light pano Now we will merge all the photos together and correct all the distortions that resulted from merging all the photos. - 5. Final touches' day light pano Here we do all the final touches to our panorama. -6. Shooting the HDR night pano In this video, I will show you in the field how to set up your camera to shoot panoramas during the evening. -7. Preparing the raw files HDR night pano Before we HDR each photos some preparations needs to be done with Camera Raw. -8. Using photomatix HDR night pano Using Photomatix we will create each HDR needed to make our final panorama. -9. Merging the photos, HDR night pano Now that we have each photo's tonne mapped let’s merge them together and do some final retouching. -10. Making a regular night pano You don’t like HDR or you do not have Photomatix, no problem let’s see how we can just use all the regular exposures and make a standard panorama.