Learn Lightroom 4 Quickstart edition

OS X 10.6.6
CREATE STUNNING PHOTOS AND MANAGE THEM LIGHTROOM 4Lear how to import, retouch, GPS tag, create a book, print, create slideshows, create web galleries and print with all the module of Lightroom 4 Great Learning Tool! ***** I recently spent $50 on an online Lightroom 4 course. This $5 app puts that course to shame! These videos are excellent and very informative. I am self-taught on LR3, and now learning all kinds of tricks on LR4! Don't pass this up! NO technical jargon used without a simple explanation. More importantly get straight to work doing stunning landscapes. - Are you tired of all the theory and technical jargon you have to wade through before getting to the point?- Do you want to master the industry-leading digital darkroom in no time ? - Do you want to see the full workflow of a pro photographer who is specialized in landscapes ? - Do you want tutorials that are easy to understand and fun ? This tutorial is probably what you are looking for. Serge Ramelli a French photographer who specialized in urban/landscapes photography over the last 6 years and is known for his very simple way of teaching. You will find various unique tips and tricks to get the most out of your photos.Serge is a known for his very unique way of teaching, with 2 main rules : 1. No technical terms explained with technical words, but with simple English. 2. No theory, practical and visual examples only. The app provided 10 chapters. Some reviews of Serge's photoshop’s tutorials:"I'm a fan" *****"Your training is fantastic, I want to thank you for the happiness your brought me with these training. I bought all of your training and used it with great success" Chapters summary : Introduction :Let's go over what we are going to do in this training videos. 4 min Chapter one : Import module Let's see how to import photos into Lightroom 4. 10 min Chapter two : Retouching Module Part 1 Let's see what are the retouching features of Lightroom 4. 36 min Chapter three : Retouching Module Part 2 Let's go see some other examples of photos to be retouched. 25 min Chapter four : Export and collections Let's see how to export photos out of Lightroom 4 and how collections work. 11 min Chapter five : Map module Let's explore the new map module. 5 min Chapter six : Book module Let's do a book with Lightroom 4. 17 min Chapter seven : Slideshows module Let's do a slide show with music. 11 min Chapter Eight : Print module Let's see what options do we have for printing from Lightroom 4. 16 min Chapter Nine : Web module Let's see how we can do a web galleries to share our photos with friends and customers. 15 min