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Learn – OS X El Capitan What’s New Edition

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**This tutorial is also now available within our "TMU Tutorials" App for both Mac and iOS (iPad/iPhone). With these Apps you can view tutorials on your Mac, iPad or iPhone! Just search "TMU" in the Mac or iOS App Store to download the TMU Tutorials Apps for free!** Get up to speed with the newest version of the Mac OS quickly with this video training course on the new features in OS X El Capitan! -These detailed tutorial videos show you how to use all the new features in El Capitan both big and small! - We go through everything from the new Mission Control to to the awesome new Notes App and great new features in Safari & Mail! Course Outline... 1.Introduction 2. Split View & Mission Control 3. Spotlight 4. Hide/Show the Menu Bar 5. Safari: Pin & Mute Tabs 6. Safari: Airplay Video 7. Mail: Gestures & Full Screen Tabs 8. Mail: Smart Suggestions 9. Notes: Toolbar & Formatting 10. Notes: Media, Links & Maps 11. Photos: New Organizational Features 12. Photos: 3rd Party Extensions 13. Maps: Transit Maps 14. Disk Utility 15. Apple Music 16. Tidbits 17. Conclusion Go to www.TheMacU.com to see all our available courses and free quick lessons!