LearnFor Camtasia

OS X 10.7
Excellent Video Training on Learning the Most Popular Screen Capture Software Camtasia Studio Camtasia Studio is a software suite used for screencasting and recording videos. It also allows you to enhance and edit your recording, add different types of multimedia and export your project for external use. Although Camtasia has a clean and simple interface, understanding how to use the features of Camtasia can be tricky sometimes - especially for beginners. you will take your first steps in recording and editing professional videos and multimedia.You will start with downloading, installing and setting up Camtasia, followed by understanding the different menu functions like edit, view, and more. You will also work with different library functions such as the clip bin, add external audio files to your project, and add transitions and voice narrations. Import other external media to your project, edit it and embed it in your video . Finally, you will see how to save, store and export your project.With adequate tips, tricks and caveats provided at every step of the way, this course will ensure that you do any particular task in Camtasia - whether it is related to recording, editing or enhancing your video - in the best possible manner.