OS X 10.7
This is a Excellent Video Training Course on Learning AutoDesk Fusion 360 Autodesk Fusion 360, a cloud-based industrial and mechanical 3D design tool, to realize their visions. Fusion 360 was developed for small start-up companies who want a more advanced solution than Autodesk 123D, but don't need or cannot invest in a more sophisticated modeling product like Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks. Render your 3D know-how from rank beginner to confident practitioner in this intro course. * Learn to create "smart" 3D models using Autodesk Fusion 360 * Understand installation, subscription, and the interface * Master the differences between solids, surfaces, and sculpting * Explore the materials library and how to change the appearance of a 3D model * Practice building 3D parametric bodies and sculpting freeform models * Understand bodies, components, joints, and how to create assemblies of parts * Learn how to share your files in the cloud, collaborate with a team, and export to a 3D printer