Learning C Programming

OS X 10.7
This is the Ultimate Video Training Course on Learning C++ Programming from Beginner to Expert Professional Programmer This course has everything you need to build a foundation in C++ and Object Oriented Programming. These videos are designed to cover all the concepts of C++ with each lecture being in-depth and concise! This course is designed to cover all the import basics of C++ that will inspire and you develop your programming skills. After taking this class you will be able to understand how C++, as well as, how Object Oriented Programming works which will prepare you for advanced topics and even other languages. C+ is a powerful object-oriented programming language. It is also one of the easier programming languages to begin learning because a lot of it's core principles are auto-implemented (which makes your life a lot easier!). C# is used in the development of video games that includes mobile development. In addition to video games, a lot of mobile applications that are sold on the Apple can also be coded in C++.Learning C++ will prepare you for other object-oriented programming languages! With a strong background in C++, companies will be looking to hire you as entry level programmers to start, develop your own applications and reinvent yourself!