Learning to Get Along

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Learning to Get Along is a social skill and character education program for children ages 4–8 featuring well-written, attractively illustrated stories that consistently model positive behaviors. Learning to Get Along Books are intended to reinforce the importance of appropriate social skills. Topics include taking turns, following the rules and accepting others. Book titles are: - Accept and Value Each Person - Be Careful and Stay Safe - Be Honest and Tell the Truth - Be Polite and Kind - Cool Down and Work Through Anger - Join In and Play - Know and Follow Rules - Listen and Learn - Reach Out and Give - Respect and Take Care of Things - Share and Take Turns - Talk and Work It Out - Try and Stick with It - Understand and Care - When I Feel Afraid Books by Cheri J. Meiners, MEd, illustrated by Meredith Johnson, 2003. Learning to Get Along Software reads the books aloud with highlighted text and lets students click on any word for identification. Engaging, interactive questions at the end of each story challenge students and provide you with data on comprehension.